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Who Are We

5 Star Fisheries is based in West Yorkshire in the North of the UK. What started as a hobby has naturally evolved into a business after studying with the Institute Of Fisheries Management and learning from some of the industries finest.

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Our Commitment

Our company is based around impartial advice and outstanding levels of workmanship. We know your fishery is a great asset, and we're here to help it reach its full potential.

Safety is paramount, and staff are water safety trained by the Royal Life Saving Society (UK) plus are also fully insured.

Specialist Areas



There are many aspects of fishery management that can be applied to improve any water, large or small. Having a good understanding of your water and the life in and around it will help you implement the correct strategies to achieve the most from your fishery.

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Silt Management

Silt is a build up of decaying organic matter that is deposited on the bottom of a water body. If left unmanaged it will build year on year and over time cause a reduction in overall water depth and have huge negative effects on the productivity of your fishery.

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Fish Stock

In recent years we started to breed and grow on our own carp, initially it was to stock a new project water we had lined up but we are now in a position where we can offer our fish for sale. Although there are some very good quality fish farms out there producing fantastic fish we were keen grow our own as we could save large amounts of money on start up costs and we were in the lucky position of being able to hand select our chosen fish for the project. Every fishery owners dream!

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Lake Construction

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a lake or pond maturing into its surroundings and seeing a healthy eco system build over time, especially when it started as a plain old field and you’re the one responsible for creating it.

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Aquatic Weed Control

Controlling aquatic weed has become a major problem among fishery owners for a number of years. Unfortunately, this issue is only going to get worse and most fisheries at some point or another are likely to suffer.

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Netting & Removal

The removal of fish from a fishery is now a very common practice in modern day fishery management. There are a number of reasons to do this and it can have fantastic benefits for your water. Firstly, to run a successful fishery you ideally need to know the total bio-mass, this is the total amount of fish in weight that the water contains.

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